Crime Reporting Procedures

"Reporting" (calling in) a Crime or Suspicious Activity

  1. Call the non-emergency number (441-5610) or 911 to report that an incident took place or is taking place.
  2. An officer will either look for the incident or come to your location to gather information about the incident.
  3. If you did not want to speak to the officer further, you have just "reported" a crime/ incident.  This is tracked by the department but DOES NOT mean that a police report was created.

Filing an Incident Report with an Officer

  1. When the officer comes back, assuming you wanted them to come back, provide them with information regarding the incident for which you called.
  2. At this point the officer should be able to inform you whether or not a report can be completed for your incident.
  3. If the report is completed the officer will provide you with a report number (ex. 161213000011).

Filing a Report with Word Process over the Phone

  1. If you are a victim of a crime but do not want to speak with an officer or have one dispatched you can call word process (757-664-7038).  Be advised that not all incidents can be reported using this method, but you will be advised to call the non-emergency number if this is the case.
  2. The call taker will ask you a series of questions related to the offense and provide you with a report number similar to the one above.

Filling a Report Online

  1. If you are a victim of a crime and would like to make a report online you may do that by going to the Police Departments Home Page and utilizing the online reporting link.
  2. This is the website: Citizens Online Reporting System
  3. Here is the exact link:


The Norfolk Police Department assigns a Community Resource Officer to work and coordinate with each civic league. Officer Josh White is our Community Resource Officer and can be reached at 823-4425 (office) or 757-274-9808 (cell) or email him at

Larchmont-Edgewater’s neighborhood watch program encourages neighbors to get to know those who live around them and to report all criminal and suspicious activity. Chuck Davis is coordinating the neighborhood watch program. Contact him at to volunteer or find out about the program.

The Larchmont-Edgewater Civic League area currently falls within the Norfolk Police Department’s Blue Sector. This sector covers much of the area to our south and east including ODU, Ghent and Colonial Place. Lt. Terry Gibbs is the Blue Sector Commander and can be reached at 823-4449 or by email at

In addition, the ODU Police Department has an extended patrol jurisdiction governed by an agreement with the City of Norfolk, which extends the police department’s patrol jurisdiction to the following boundaries: West 38th Street to the south; Magnolia Avenue to the north; the Elizabeth River to the west, and Colley Avenue to the east.  They actively patrol the concurrent jurisdiction area in support of the Norfolk Police Department, which maintains primary police jurisdiction in this area.  For residents within this area, you can call the ODU PD emergency number 683-4000 or the non-emergency at 683-5665 for assistance.

The ODUPD also collaborates with the University’s Office of Off- Campus Initiatives to educate members of the community about safety strategies, risk awareness, relevant laws and ordinances, safety services and liaisons with the local civic leagues, in an effort to create a better environment for all community members residing near Old Dominion University.  Officer Mark Anthony (863-6905 (w), 618-6900(c)) from the Community Policing Division is our liaison officer.

To see crime statistics for our neighborhood online please do the following:

  1. Go to this web address:
  2. Click on “To Enter Crime View Community”
  3. Read and accept the agreement
  4. Click through “Select All” and “Next”
  5. Select “Within a Boundary”
  6. Find “Civic Leagues”
  7. Go to “Larchmont /Edgewater”
  8. Select the number of days you want to view
  9. When you see the neighborhood map, click “Report” to get a detailed listing of crime activity in our neighborhood over the number of days you specified.