Streetlights & Crime

Some residents noted that a section of their street was very dark and asked how to get a streetlight put there.  Both Officer Josh White, our current Community Resource Officer (CRO), and Office Carrie Maglalang, our former CRO, have also noted that many of our streets are very dark, not just from a lack of streetlights, but also from overhanging branches blocking the light from reaching the street at many times of the year.

Mr. Walter Ezell (823-1173 or is now in charge of the city’s streetlights.  There are three types of streetlights currently installed in Norfolk. The older bluish-white lights contain mercury, which has been banned, and are being replaced.  The other two are both sodium type and yellowish lights.  The older 70 watt one has an enclosed drop or rounded glass bottom.  These can be seen at some distance and produce some glare.  These are gradually being replaced by the newer flat bottom 100 watt lights which provide illumination on the road to deter crime.  If you have the older 70 watt lights and feel your street needs greater illumination, contact Mr. Ezell.

If you feel there are inadequate lights on your street, you are required to get a petition signed by 51% of your neighbors on an entire block before the city will install additional lights.  Here is a link to the Street Light petition form.

If tree branches are blocking the streetlights near your house, contact Norfolk Cares (823-4023) or Mr. Clyde Levitt (664-6510 or and they will contact the Department or Parks and Urban Forestry and have them check it out.

Keeping your porch lights on is really encouraged to brighten up your street.  Motion activated lights in your carport or driveway would be another consideration if you don’t have one to deter criminals.

Chuck Davis

Larchmont/Edgewater Neighborhood Watch Coordinator


Click here to download the "Street Light Petition Form"